Secret Ways to Increase Sperm Count

For most couples who wants to conceive a child, sperm count is one of the main issues that they’re concerned about. Why is that? Because one of the main reasons why people are infertile is from their sperm count. So what can we do to fix that? What ways can we apply to increase sperm count? This article will discuss more about it.So first things first, what may cause your sperm count to be low? Here is some of the things that you may do daily that can affect that. They are:
Sperm infection.
One of the signs of sperm infection is the elevated pH of your semen. If you feel that you have this, it’s best to get analyzed in a laboratory or you can consult your physician.

Wearing tight underwear.
If your underwear is too tight, this can affect your sperm count. The easiest way to increase your sperm count is to switch to boxers.

Bathing in a hot water tub.
The heat can cause a decrease of sperm production. I know it’s hard to live without a hot bath everyday or so, but doing this is not encouraged to increase your sperm count.

Watching out your body weight.
Being fat can cause your fat tissues to overwhelm your testicles. This can have the same effect as the hot tub because the increase heat can reduce your sperm production.

Frequent sex.
Try to give a break between intercourse because you want your tank full. Your production level can take a while, so it’s best to wait out.

Smoking and consuming alcohol.
Doing both those things can destructively affect your fertility level. Excessive smoke and drinking is bad for your overall health, but especially to your reproductive organ health.

Stress, at work or at home can cause your semen production to decrease. So it’s better to take time off from your tiring work and go for some vacation. This will increase your sperm count in the long run.

Not enough Zinc in your system.
Having enough zinc boost up your sperm production. If you want to increase your sperm count you can try adding bamboo shoots in your daily diet. It’s high in zinc so you can reap the benefits.
But don’t be discouraged. You can regain your former vitality by doing steps that can hep you to increase your sperm count. What are the ways that we can do now to do that? Here’s some of it:
Exercise regularly.
Men sana in corpore sano. In a good body lies a good mind. But the same can be applied here. In a good exercised body there’s a good reproductive health. I strongly suggest that you get yourself to exercise routinely.

Watch out what you eat.
Limit your daily diet intake to beneficial foods that can help you increase your sperm count. The good ones are most vegetables and fruits. Avoid Mexican food, or any food that are spicy in nature. Also it’s strongly discouraged to eat bitter and astringent food.

Don’t drink coffee too much.
I know, like most people, you need your daily fix of coffee. But, if you want to be in a good shape you can try to reduce it. Just one cup a day should suffice.

If you have time, try and get yourself a massage.
There are massages techniques that involved herbal oils that can be of use for you. Doing that will increase your blood circulation and increase your overall reproductive health.

If you’re able to do so, try to have your intercourse at mornings.
Why should you do that? Because study shows that in early mornings your sperm count is at it’s highest.

Increase your water intake.
Try to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water each day. This is good for your body and your reproductive organ
I’m sure that by following these tips, you can achieve what you aim to do now. To increase your sperm count is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible. But there’s an easy way to do all that. One of which is to get the right supplement that increase your sperm count and your overall reproductive health.

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